For those who are new to massage or anyone who enjoys a relaxing massage with a softer touch. Swedish is very relaxing and reduces stress.  Its techniques in rubbing the muscles to stimulate blood flow provides many great health benefits.

Deep Tissue

We will work into the deeper layers of the the muscles providing relief from chronic pain. With extra focus and firmer pressure to help with anxiety and reduce aches or tension in the body.


A massage that focuses on applying pressure to tsubo, or energy points, located on the body. They are specific points on the meridian that best releases endorphins to reduce and pain or stress.


There are pressure points on the feet that correspond to certain areas in the body, that when massaged can help balance those corresponding areas that are out of balance.

Pre/Post Natal

For expecting mothers or mothers who just had a baby, a massage modality specifically for relaxing and tension carrying a baby may bring.

Pre/Post Sports

For athletes, mainly using trigger points and stretching. Allowing for better blood flow and oxygen circulating will bring better performance and prevent injuries

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